Craiyon Ai Review to Free Image Generator

In the expansive world of AI-driven image generators, Craiyon AI stands out as a distinctive player worth exploring.

It offers the dual benefit of being free of charge and providing unlimited image generation, making Craiyon an interesting product from Open AI, a well-known entity in the AI field.


While the idea of limitless creativity is appealing, it’s important to recognize that the output from Craiyon can often be somewhat unusual, featuring the distinctive characteristics often found in AI art – unusual hand positions, skewed dental structures, and imaginative compositions.

To put it simply, this AI image generator is more like an engaging plaything than a finely tuned creative tool, at least for now.

What is Craiyon Ai?

In 2022, the advent of Dall e mini (or Dalle mini) created a buzz in the world of AI art generation. As its fame grew, its creators introduced Craiyon, expanding the capabilities of their free tool.

Craiyon AI is an AI image generator that has been meticulously trained on the Google PU Research Cloud. It works on a simple principle: you provide a plain text prompt, such as “social network woman,” and within about a minute, Craiyon AI presents you with a set of nine images.

However, it’s worth noting that the quality of Craiyon’s output may not always live up to expectations.

While it offers a free service, there is also a paid subscription option available that promises quicker results and removes ads. Craiyon AI is one of the first generative AI models and has paved the way for many other AI art generators that have followed.

The Process Behind Image Generation

At its core, Craiyon Ai acts as an image blender, merging a vast collection of art. When you ask for something like “Give me a cat going to the moon,” it pulls from its diverse training image sets to create a response.


To elaborate further, Craiyon Ai uses artificial intelligence and has been trained on numerous images, each tagged with specific textual descriptors. When given a prompt, it combines various image inputs to provide you with options that are blends of its training data.

The underlying technology uses a deep neural network, an aspect of machine learning capable of recognizing patterns within data and making predictions based on these patterns.

Using Craiyon Ai

Using this image generator is quite simple:

  • Visit
  • Enter your chosen text prompt.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes.
  • Enjoy the nine quirky results (though they may not be very realistic).

Additionally, there are hidden tools available for those willing to delve deeper. For example, the “screenshot” feature allows you to quickly capture all your generated images for easy sharing. You can also infuse your creations with the style of a specific artist by adding their name to your prompt (e.g., “social network woman” + “Picasso”). It’s important to use publicly available art styles and avoid using this generator to bypass paying independent artists for their work. Finally, there’s a timer in the top-right corner that keeps track of how long it’s been since you entered your image prompt.

Unique Features of Craiyon

Compared to other tools like Starry AI, Jasper Art, Midjourney, and the Deep Dream generator, Craiyon sets itself apart as a relatively straightforward AI tool. Its key features include consistently generating sets of nine images that are often whimsical rather than realistic.

Distinctive Aspects of Craiyon

In comparison to its counterparts such as Brilliant AI, Jasper Art, Midjourney, and the Deep Dream generator, Craiyon stands out as a relatively straightforward AI tool. Its signature features include consistently generating sets of nine images, which are often whimsical rather than professionally usable content.

Users have the option to select a style — ranging from art, drawing, or photo, to none — and can exclude “negative” elements like people or structures from their results. However, as an image creator, Craiyon falls short of producing photorealistic images and replicating artwork styles as effectively as some other AI image generation tools.

Pricing Structure

One of the standout aspects of Craiyon is its unlimited free access, without any hint of image number restrictions. You can freely indulge in AI-generated art as much as you want. For those seeking enhanced features, two paid plans are available:

Ally Level ($60/year or $6/month) includes: Slightly faster image creation time (45 seconds compared to 1-2 minutes) Confidential AI art generation (pending feature, allowing anonymous browsing of images generated by free plan users) Removal of watermarks and ads on images This level suits individuals who appreciate Craiyon’s mission and wish to support it.


Professional Level ($240/year or $24/month) offers: A 15-second waiting time for nine AI-generated images and Early access to new features This level caters to users with a high demand for quickly generated images. Notably, paying for a subscription does not provide access to a superior style of images.

Pros and Cons

Free use Quality may be an inconsistent
User-friendly interfaceDelay in image generation
No limits on the number of nine-image sets generated Watermark in Free Version
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Craiyon.

Exploring Craiyon Alternatives

For those seeking AI generators capable of producing clearer or better images, several options warrant exploration:

Midjourney: Famous for its versatility, Midjourney excels at creating excellent images across a wide array of styles. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a top choice.

Dream Studio: While slightly more complex, Dream Studio can produce stunning artwork when used by those with expertise. Additionally, it offers Stable Dispersion, a free but somewhat challenging to set-up open-source image generator.

Lensa AI: This tool garnered attention in December 2022 for its ability to transform selfies into stunning images for a fee.

Jasper AI: Although primarily designed for text generation, Jasper AI can still be used for art creation. However, its relatively high price may not justify its performance.

Hiring a Graphic Designer: As always, collaborating with a human graphic designer remains one of the most reliable ways of getting digital art tailored to your specific needs.

Final Thoughts on Craiyon

The era of AI has certainly arrived, and its influence permeates various domains. The proliferation of AI-driven content generation, whether in the form of images or text, reflects the enduring nature of this technological advancement.

Crayon, as one of the spearheading picture generators, holds a unique spot in the chronicles of simulated intelligence craftsmanship history. In any case, its utility could not hope to compared to the

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