Tier List: Everything You Need to Know

Tier lists are a system of ranking that lets you rank things from best to worst. Usually, tier lists in video games are used to rank characters. However, they can be used for anything, including food, movies or countries.

The letters are used to label the tiers, S being the highest tier, and F being the lowest. Some lists of tiers may use colors or symbols to differentiate the tiers.

tier list

There is no right or wrong way to make a tier list. Rankings will differ depending on what criteria are used to assess the items. A tier list for video game characters could be based on the character’s strength, speed, and utility.

Comparing different characters or items can be done by using tier lists. These lists can be used as a way to spark debate and discussion among fans.

How to create a Tier list

You should keep these things in mind when creating a list of tiers:

  1. Define your criteria. What factors will you use to determine the order of the characters or items? You could use factors like speed, strength, utility, popularity, or personal preference.
  1. Once you have defined your criteria, gather data. After you have determined your criteria, it is time to collect data about the characters or items you will be ranking. You could do this by playing the game, watching a movie, or reading reviews.
  1. Create your rankings. After you have collected your data, it is time to start ranking. Make sure you are consistent in your criteria, and that your choices are justified.
  1. Share your tier list. You can share your tier list with others once you’re happy with it. You can share it by posting it on the internet, sending it to friends, or making a video.

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The History of Tier Lists

Video game culture is where the concept of tier list originated. Early 1990s, the first tier lists for Street Fighter II were created. These tiers ranked characters according to their strengths and viability for competitive play.

Tier lists quickly became popular among video game players. The lists were created to help players select the right characters for their style of play and to gain more information about the meta.

Since then, many video games have had tier lists created, along with other categories such as music, sports, and food.

Tier lists come in many different types.

Tier lists come in many forms. Most commonly, tier lists are used to rank characters in video games. Tier lists can be used for ranking anything, including:

  • Items: A tier list that ranks items such as weapons and armor in a video game.
  • This list is ranked by different strategies to play a particular game.
  • Teams: A tier list that ranks teams within a particular game (such as sports teams, esports or other esports).
  • This list is ranked by different categories, including athletes, musicians or celebrities.

The criteria for Tier lists

The criteria for ranking items or characters will differ depending on the topic. Some common criteria are:

  • Strength is the most commonly used criterion in tier lists. This refers to the power or effectiveness of an item or character.
  • Speed is the speed at which an item or character can move, attack, or react.
  • Utility: The item or character’s ability to be useful in various situations.
  • Popularity: Popularity is the number of people who use an item or character.
  • Personal preference: Although this is not a very objective criterion, it is important to some people.

The limitations of Tier lists

They are useful tools but have limitations. They are subjective, which is one of their limitations. The rankings can vary depending on who made the list.

Tier lists can also become out of date quickly. The meta of the game can change, and certain characters or strategies become less effective.

The Future of Tier Lists

In the future, tier lists will likely continue to be very popular. Tier lists will become more popular as more games are released. They help players select the best characters and strategies.

Tier lists also become more sophisticated. In the past, many tier lists were based on one single criterion, like strength. Modern tier lists, however, often consider multiple criteria such as speed, strength, and utility.

Tier lists will be more useful for both players and fans as they become more sophisticated.

Use Tier Lists for Maximum Benefit

Tier lists have many advantages. Here are some of them:

  • You can make better decisions with their help. A tier list will help you decide what character you want to play in your video game.
  • They can stimulate discussion and debate. Tier lists are a great tool to spark a discussion about the relative merits of different characters.
  • You can learn more about the topic. A tier list will help you to learn more about a game or movie you’re not familiar with.
  • It can be a lot of fun! It can be fun to share and create tier lists.


Tier lists can be used in a number of ways. A tier list is a useful resource for anyone who wants to learn more, make better decisions, or spark a discussion.

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